Partner with North America Ministry Directors, Curt & Michelle Turanchick

Partner with North America Ministry Directors, Curt & Michelle Turanchick image
We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Be careful what you pray for! Over 2 years ago, Michelle and I started talking about our years in ministry. Specifically, about where we saw the greatest impact, growth, and discipleship in people’s lives.

What was the catalyst for people stepping out of the pew, and into a deeper level of commitment in their local church, and personal growth in their faith walk?

The answer was so clear. It was their stepping out in faith and serving others.

Often times the greatest gifts come when you decide to be used by God on behalf of others.

Jesus spoke about this very thing when the disciples asked Him who is the greatest. Jesus’s answer was so simple, yet clear. It is the one who serves.

So, as we continued to pray, we felt God asking us to be faithful, and step out to a place that would stretch us, and place our family and finances in His hands. It wasn’t long before we were approached by CSI Ministries to be a part of their next chapter.

We were asked to join CSI Ministries as missionaries serving as Directors of North American Ministries.

We knew this was a fit for us as a family, and amazingly, exactly where we felt God was asking us to serve. Serving with CSI Ministries allows us to dream big, and become a tool for the local churches, universities, and surrounding communities engaging them in short-term missions right here within the United States.

The needs are so great, and the opportunities are right before us. We are working hard to expand mission opportunities here in North America.

Keep an eye on CSI’s website as well as Facebook for new upcoming opportunities to serve. We are raising our monthly support to sustain our family in this ministry.

It is very humbling, but we do so knowing that this opportunity is so worthy of your prayers and support. We ask that you consider financially supporting our family as we partner with CSI Ministries to further the gospel here and abroad. If you would like to partner with us through prayer and monthly financial support, please makes checks payable to CSI Ministries.

If you’d like us to speak at your home, or small group, you can contact us directly at 765-271-5022 or or