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Help us fund food ministry in Jamaica

Equipping the local churches for action


Supporting the local church in Jamaica who are feeding the hungry

In the past we have had food outreach opportunities where generous churches and individuals have donated money specifically for food ministry... and each time it has been wonderful! We were able to work with local Jamaican churches on a one-off basis to prepare and deliver meals to those in need and capitalize on ministry opportunities.

But we dream of doing something bigger and more consistent than one-off blessings.

Just like home in the US, each church, their congregation, and local neighborhoods have their own unique gifts, opportunities, and needs, and those in need that they serve are in need of more than just the occasional meal.

The goal is to get enough financial support on an ongoing basis to allow us to work with local Jamaican churches to develop and help fund their own individual food ministries. A few Jamaican churches already have something in place, but of course are always in need of better more consistent funding, while others want to do something but don’t have the facilities or experience to accommodate. With these funds, we can bolster the existing programs and help those churches that want to develop their own to create and fund one. We plan to help network the churches that are already successfully running a food ministry with those that want to but are not yet able to in order to help them learn what works and what doesn’t. For those churches that don’t have kitchens, a few volunteers from their church can come to the CSI Guest House and use ours for meal preparation.

The key here is we are helping the LOCAL churches facilitate their OWN food ministries because they know THEIR local area and congregations best and having MULTIPLE churches taking care of their own areas covers a much broader area than we can alone.

We also hope that there will be opportunities for visiting short term mission teams to participate. Whether that be in meal preparation or in delivering the meals and providing some much-needed love, fellowship and ministry.

So, we ask that you please take some time to pray for the churches of Jamaica and this food ministry opportunity and please consider helping us to fund the program.

Thank you and we hope to see you soon here in Jamaica!