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Pray. Go. Give.

Become part of the ministry!

$29,295 raised

$32,000 goal

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Act now. Thanks to a generous donor, your donation to our year end campaign will be doubled, up to $16,000.

Thank you for making an impact in the name of Jesus with CSI Ministries. We are eternally grateful and bound to the words Jesus spoke to us. "Go, and make disciples.” He did not tell us to stay and wait, or to wait and see. His command is to take action and at CSI Ministries we have done that since 1967. Our ministries in Jamaica, Belize, Northern Ireland, and North America are filled with his command to GO!

The past year, 2020, has shown us that the “GO” is going to be different in 2021! But we continue to build on this promise and take our ministry to a new level. We are called to do more.

Pray. Go. Give.

First, pray for our ministry. Our teams, Missionaries, and Staff all covet your prayers and abide in His saving grace.

Secondly, if you can go, then go! Act and be changed by what He is doing in the kingdom here in the United States and abroad.

Finally, giving is essential for us to continue our ministry. We are working to stay true to our calling, building strong ministry, and going further in 2021 than ever before. We cannot do this without the continued financial support of our friends.